When it comes to cosmetics or fragrances, a lot of women love the idea of organic and environmentally friendly formulas that also work. This is how Clarins has maintained the loyalty of their customers. The recent launch of “The Source” by Thierry Mugler initiates this philosophy by offering refills for four different fragrances, Angel Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette, as well as Alien and Womanity Eau de Parfums. Mugler has been developing his vision to launch eco-friendly fragrances since 1992, and both Mugler and Clarins have considered many angles for this environmentally-conscious launch.

Refills, for example, are packaged in minimalist recyclable cardboard boxes, and Womanity is the first fragrance to be produced through the process of molecular extraction, which, Clarins proudly states in their press files of the launching of The Source this October, “limit excessive use of natural raw materials and create the fragrance’s unique aromas.” The revival of the traditional perfume fountain was what inspired Mugler to launch his latest line. Not only does he understand what his customers fantasize but he understands his customers: “when customers become loyal to a perfume, why sell them a bottle with every purchase?,” Mugler said through the Clarins press files.

Source-EmptyBottles-HR_In exchange for their loyalty, he offers not only the great formulas, but also a great deal; with this ecofriendly line, consumers can save 15% to 40% on the price of a new bottle. The Clarins Fragrance Group calls this a “long term sustainable development engagement” as mentioned in their press files of launching The Source —or, just a long way of saying it’s worth it. Mugler invested an equal amount of time thinking about and developing the femininity of the products. Of course, it’s a necessity for a fragrance, but his special attention to detail makes the difference. Each of his fragrances are held in bottles that resemble a woman’s jewelry case. He sees perfumes as “a ritual, a unique service”, as said in the Clarins Group’s press files, which is why he wishes to emphasize the importance of long-lasting, refillable bottles. While we already know Clarins Group—both cosmetics and fragrances—promotes the fact that “our planet is our first luxury”, Thierry Mugler himself is deeply eager to share his love and care for our planet.

Clarins Fragrance Group’s 3rd commitment, promises to help protect biodiversity. This explains their collaboration with several environmental partnerships. Mugler’s collaboration with “Pur Projet” association is “devoted to fighting climate change”, as the group confidently states. Clarins group also takes part in charity work such as building schools in Laos and Madagascar. As many retailers such as TOMS or Tory Burch x FEED has succeeded in satisfying the customers through charity work, it always feels good to know that you’re taking a part in making a difference. Clarins proves it to us that they are devoted to keeping the world eco-friendly and still perfectly fit for our face and body. It’s also a great feeling to know there is a group committed to it, and that they’re doing it right.



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