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Disney to host its first official LGBTQ pride event, “Magical Pride”

After years of unsanctioned “Gay Days,” Disneyland is ready to officially embrace its gay side.

Are Mickey and Donald ready to take their friendship to the next level? This summer, experience pride AND joy as Disneyland Paris is set to host its first officially sanctioned LGBT celebration. (Hey, they don’t call it Gay Paris for nothing!)

Magical Pride will take place on June 1, 2019. It invites guests to “dress like a dream, feel fabulous and experience Walt Disney Studios Park like never before – loud, proud and alive with all the colours of the rainbow.”

For decades, Disney’s trademark princesses have put a twinkle in little gay boys’ eyes, Mulan gave burgeoning young lesbians someone to root for, and Ursula inspired a generation of drag queens.

While so-called “Gay Days” has long been a tradition at Disneyland’s Orlando home, for the first time ever, Disneyland is hosting an official pride celebration.

The house of mouse has some big plans for the inaugural Magical Pride, including a big gay dance party, a vibrant new parade, Disney characters “out” and about, and the rare chance to ride their attractions late into the night.

This all has us wondering, which Disney character has always given you gay vibes?