If you’re in Madrid, don’t miss out on these gastronomic delights that offers breakfast, lunch and dinner with a show.

In Madrid, gastronomy means culture and leisure. The city is bursting with culinary talent, offering both traditional homemade dishes and the most innovative and creative cuisine. Read on for a gastronomic day in the life in Madrid: breakfast, lunch and dinner with a show.

Punk Bach, Madrid

Punk Bach restaurant madrid

This new addition to Madrid’s Castellana Avenue features an organic menu with that caters to vegetarians and carnivores alike. The restaurant’s name plays on the idea that there’s a bit of punk and a bit of Bach in all of us, although its ambiance leans more heavily on the latter with its crystal chandeliers, gold trim and vintage mirrors.

Punk Bach is modern, intimate, cosmopolitan. The all-day bar-brasserie showcases elegant, contemporary rustic-chic style with a touch of opulence. The cuisine centres around traditional Spanish dishes with a few modern twists; for example, tagliolini with truffled caviar and flakes of pecorino al tartufo or grilled sturgeon with caviar and fried onion. Punk Bach doesn’t slack on the cocktails, either, with an extensive menu of classics and signature offerings.

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El Corral de la Morería, Madrid


Corral de la Morería has been around since 1956, and is perhaps the most known tablao flamenco in the world. Its historic location and decor, featuring Arabic corbels and streetlamps dating from the 18th and 19th centuries, transport diners back to the golden days of the original tablao flamenco.

Widely regarded as the “Cathedral of Flamenco Art”, the Corral de la Moreria offers warm hospitality and the chance to see the best cantaores (flamenco singers) and bailaores (flamenco dancers) of the moment. The kitchen’s innovative cuisine features a wide selection of traditional Spanish dishes and tapas, prepared with quality ingredients and paired with exceptional wines.

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Fonty, Madrid

Fonty Madrid

Fonty takes its name from the quaint, picturesque French town of Fontainebleau, where the café’s founder and owner Marie Valdez once lived and worked. With décor inspired by the cozy cafes of the US East Coast and Paris, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy breakfast, brunch or a merienda (light meal) and to share a casual conversation or read the newspaper in peace. Guests can catch glimpses of the chefs hard at work in the open kitchen while enjoying some of the finest French pastries and savory treats in Madrid.

The menu combines classical and innovative techniques, and includes everything from artisanal viennoiseries to quiches (with blue cheese, mushrooms or salmon) to traditional French desserts and petit fours. With expert, dedicated chefs and international flair, Fonty stands out among traditional haute patisseries.