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The Mèlia Caribe Tropical

The Melia Caribe Tropical -an adults-only vacation havens

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Leaving the youngsters behind this time while you jet south? You’re not alone. Adults-only vacation havens are on the rise, with everyone from young couples to the more senior crowd getting in on the peace and quiet—parents included. At the adults-only The Level at the Mèlia Caribe Tropical in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, you can take full advantage of not just grownup dining and pools, but a giant swath of beach as well.

Launched in 2015, The Level is like a no-kids mini-resort within the larger Mélia Caribe Tropical compound. It gives guests the red-carpet treatment—exclusive services like a private check-in area, a VIP lounge providing treats throughout the day, and access to the resort’s Gabi Club with its own private swimming pool, bar and restaurant. And because they know that sitting around all day can get tiring at times (as if), activities range from yoga and tai chi to watersports and special workshops.

A new culinary concept, dubbed Cuatro, divides the adults-only dining into four options: Uno (a steakhouse), Dos (a gastro pub), Tres (a blend of Peruvian, Japanese and Cantonese fare) and Cuatro (a beachside buffet). Romantic private breakfasts and dinners on the beach can be arranged to suit your fancy. The Mélia chain’s famous YHI spa personifies the pampering experience—and these people have serious healing hands.

VIP service, a private beach, two private pools, a luxe spa—the luxury is all there. And not a pail or shovel in sight.