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Air Canada Elevates Premium Travel Experience

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Air Canada delivers the flight experience you never realized you deserved

Indulge us for a moment and let us take you on a brief journey into your imagination. Ready? You’re soaring at 30,000 feet; the drone of the plane’s engines is occasionally punctuated by forceful kicking to the back of your seat. Cramped and uncomfortable, you escape into the small screen in the back of the chair in front of you, nibbling on the sawdust biscuits the flight attendant tried to pass off as crackers. Your destination seems so far away, tantalizingly out of reach. You feel the familiar kick, and the cycle of discomfort begins anew.

And… snap back to reality. Did this trip sound a little too familiar? Sadly, these lacklustre flight experiences are all too real. We’ve all suffered through a nightmare flight, harnessing every shred of willpower to overcome that one final roadblock before vacation begins. There must be a better way, right? To our collective relief, there is.

Last spring, Air Canada launched its new Signature Service for international and domestic flights. This better-than-business class is billed as the next step in the evolution of premium travel, a spirited rejection of the malaise causing us to settle for long lines and little legroom. Simple and seamless, Signature Service delivers industry-leading luxury and simplicity without compromising on either…or so they claim.
Does the service really live up to such lofty aspirations? Our answer: yes, and then some. Read on for a taste of the lavish amenities that left us convinced that flying can be fun again.

Airport, A to Z

The lounge menu was created by award-winning Vancouver chef David Hawksworth.

If you think Signature Service starts and ends with your flight, think again. From the moment you step out of your taxi, you’ll enjoy a host of time-saving privileges that can make even the most harrowing airport experience a breeze. Skip the lines and frustration with special priority at check-in, boarding, security, and customs. If you’re feeling famished, you can skip the duty-free snacks: Air Canada has reinvented the tired and static pre-flight lounge with the opening of the Signature Suite at Toronto Pearson. Delectable cocktails and a dynamic menu curated by the award-winning Chef David Hawksworth create an elevated dining experience you’d never think to find at an airport. Oh, and when it’s time to fly, they’ll send a private BMW to chauffeur you across the tarmac. We’ll just let that one speak for itself.

Flight of Fancy

Air Canada Signature Class cabin, lie-flat bed

“Award-winning haute cuisine at the gate is great and all,” you say, “but what about on the flight itself?” Two words: cheese platter. If you need further convincing, consider the following. Exclusive cabin, mattress seating, sommelier-approved wine list, designer skincare essentials, and an expansive personal entertainment centre. We could go on. It’s clear that Air Canada is making considerable investments in its customer experience, and it isn’t hard to see why the airline’s customers voted it the 2018 Skytrax Best North American Airline, for the seventh time in nine years. With flights like this, who needs an actual vacation?

Arrive in Style

Air Canada BMW Valet Service. Photo by @alenpalander

Here’s some more good news: the VIP treatment doesn’t stop when you land. When you do begrudgingly disembark, you’ll find another BMW waiting to ferry you to any connecting flights. You can also employ the expertise of a personal concierge, who will be more than happy to create a personalized itinerary of sights to see and things to do at your destination. Signature Service is a commitment to excellence at every step of your journey, is unquestionably thorough and refreshingly straightforward.

Curious? Convinced? Don’t take our word for it: you can enjoy the Signature Service experience right now on any of Air Canada’s 777, 787, and A330 aircraft and save us the trouble of saying “I told you so”. Unparalleled comfort and a seamless end-to-end experience make this the one flight you really owe it to yourself to try, especially if you’re the type to usually dismiss air transit as an irritating but necessary prelude to your real vacation. Signature Service is capturing hearts and minds; just don’t blame us if you never want to fly coach again!