Last Words with Globetrotter: Alex Cuba

We caught up with Alex Cuba, the Grammy award winner artist as he promotes his new lauded album, Healer.

Alex Cuba. Photo by Chelsea Brooke Roisum
Alex Cuba. Photo by Chelsea Brooke Roisum

Alex Cuba, Latin Grammy and two-time Juno award winner is not tied to tradition. Though his  style is simple – jeans, a vintage leather jacket, and a ‘60s inspired coif – his music is a layered conglomeration of Latin and African influences with hints of jazz, pop and rock.  Cuba moved from Cuba to Canada in 1999 and currently resides in  Smithers, British Columbia, the hometown of his wife, Sarah. He has collaborated with such noted artists as Nelly Furtado, Juan Luis Guerra, Ron Sexsmith and Juanes, to name a few, and he is about to embark on his most ambitious project to date: A road trip documentary on the emerging talent of Cuba. We caught up with the Grammy award winner artist as he promotes his new lauded album, Healer. Check the video below.


Where was your last trip?

Los Angeles. We had the honour to open for the great Sheryl Crow for two nights at the Hollywood Bowl.

Where in the world do you feel happiest?

In Smithers, BC where I live.

What do you pack first?

My custom made gold shure microphone.

What do you never leave home without?

Vitamin C and oregano oil.

What is your favourite city and why?

New York City. Everytime I play a show there I am reminded of how multicultural the city is.

Where is your road most travelled?


Perfect travel companion?

My wife Sarah.

Tell us about a great little place you know.

The Neat Cafe in Burnstown, Ontario.

Confess to one thing you’ve taken from a hotel room.

Sometimes I’ve been in hotels that have great moisturizing products and I take one little bottle with me if I like it.

Which  foreign phrase or word do you use most often?

Empingao, a Cuban word for great.

How do you plan your trips? apps?

If you are talking about vacations, I hardly go on them, but when I do, my wife and I just go to a place we like without the need of any app. Work trips are different, they have a different routine that we are used to.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Smoking a Cuban cigar.

Favourite Food when you travel?

Indian food.

Destination that you always go back to no matter the season and why?

Victoria, British Columbia; it was my first home in Canada.