Globetrotter Dani Heinrich and Nicaragua

Globetrotter: Dani Heinrich. Destination: Nicaragua
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Globetrotter Dani Heinrich
Dani Heinrich

Though she began her professional life as a “corporate ladder climbing – cubicle dweller” Dani Heinrich left her corporate job in 2010 to pursue her true passion – TRAVELLING.

Today, a digital nomad, photographer and entrepreneur (founder of she is always on the hunt for amazing street art, mouthwatering vegetarian food, secluded beaches, scenic running routes, hidden gems off the beaten path and a hammock to work from.


In search for local flair and authenticity, she travelled to Nicaragua in 2012 for the first time.  And this is what Dani had to share.

“I didn’t know too much about Nicaragua before I went. I knew about the magical Corn Islands, their famous Flor De Caña rum, and I had heard of Leon and Granada which are the main tourist towns.”

Before travelling to Nicaragua, I didn’t know if it was safe and easy to travel there but when [I arrived], I learned that not only it’s super easy to travel the country independently (good bus system, and very inexpensive), but safe to travel there alone. I also learned that the locals are some of the warmest people in all of Central America. I felt very welcome as a visitor, and I’d go back anytime.”

The Colonial City of Granada, Nicaragua.
The Colonial City of Granada, Nicaragua.

“The country was also much better developed than I had anticipated – especially the touristic places. You can go from modern boutique hotels, international cuisine in the restaurants, great infrastructure for tourism to  unspoiled areas like Ometepe where most places don’t have hot water, 24-hour electricity or paved roads.”

Nicaragua is unique. It’s a mixture of everything: the friendly locals, the unique scenery – volcanoes, beaches, Caribbean islands, Spanish-colonial architecture – and the experiences I had there, like volcano boarding .Where else in the world can you do something like that? I also loved my stay in Ometepe Island which was almost like a trip back in time. Very old chicken buses, ladies who were washing the clothes in the river.”

“I am always touched when I travel through places that we would consider poor, but people there seem so much more content than many people in the Western World. Wherever you look, you are greeted with a smile, people take time to talk to you – and to each other. Watching the world go by from the ubiquitous rocking chairs in front of their houses (or in the street) while chatting with their partner, Nicaraguans are still much more focused on spending time with each other, taking it slow and not being stressed.”

Nicaragua BOLDmagazine

Nicaragua is the ultimate, unique getaway for travellers craving original authenticity and local flair. It’s one of the few destinations in Latin America that is yet to be overrun with tourists, making it unspoiled, unforgettable, as well as affordable. Whether it’s culture, art, history, cuisine or adventure, Nicaragua is a premier destination for memory-makers. Find out more about this unique Central American destination at, and keep following our series profiling intrepid travellers who have crafted their own experiences in Nicaragua.

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