One&Only Palmilla, Los Cabos: Everything You Need to Know

One&Only Palmilla, a verdant oasis on the tip of the Baja Peninsula.

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Long a hideaway of the rich and famous, this waterside resort belies its Baja California Sur surroundings. Here, the arid desert landscape of this Mexican peninsula has been gently coaxed and nurtured into a jungle of every shade of green imaginable.

Spiky saguaro cactus trees stand tall, sentries along the meandering paths that wind their way through Palmilla, while agave and all manner of tropical flora add sculptural elements and riots of colour. The suites blend seamlessly between the gardens and the stretches of sandy beach, with views of the Sea of Cortez and of the Pacific Ocean.

Blue mingles with gold, green with cream. It is tradition and the landscape that inspire the guest rooms’ interiors, travertine floors stay cool underfoot, while colourful embroideries and time-honoured patterns decorate the furniture to enliven the spirit. A butler assists in the everyday, from unpacking to booking a table at one of the seaside restaurants–or ensuring delivery of breakfast in bed or on the guestrooms’ private terraces. On the grounds of the resort, atop a hill just a climb away, sits the historic chapel, whitewashed and majestic, casting its blessed gaze over Palmilla, and out to the sea.

More ancient, but no less steeped in local lore, is the spa’s latest offering, a Temazcal healing ritual. Think of this nod to indigenous culture as an age-old sauna of sorts–heat, steam, medicinal herbs and native music meld together to create a treatment like no other. A blend of history and modernity, like Palmilla itself.