If I said that Philip McCabe, president and CEO of The Inn on Fifth in Naples, FL owns half of the city I would be kind of right. Not only does McCabe run The Inn on Fifth, a contemporary four-diamond hotel located on upscale Fifth Avenue, he has also developed and designed four other hotels and five restaurants during his 17 year stint in the city.

McCabe says that investing back into the city is his way of up-keeping its pristine look and high-end status. “The types of visitors that Naples attracts are professional millionaires,” McCabe said. “People come here for the sub-tropical weather, golf courses, restaurants, shopping, private clubs and medical facilities, and Naples has a basket of amenities that this group of travellers is looking for and can afford.”

“We are catering vigilantly to that market and that is how the town has evolved,” he adds.

It is this understanding of affluent guests’ needs and passion for architecture and design that merge perfectly to help McCabe create and manage properties like The Inn on Fifth.

the-inn-on-fifth-bold-magLast year, the hotel underwent a complete renovation. The $1.7 million project introduced new layouts, décor and colour schemes. McCabe said that the entire property was gutted in order to transform the Tommy Bahama inspired feel to a more contemporary look. “I used to be very traditional when it came to design,” McCabe says. “But my taste changed in the last few years and I really started liking the contemporary look that I was seeing throughout the hospitality industry. So, I had to reinvent my hotel and modernize it.”

The hotel now includes custom-made furniture in all guestrooms, custom artwork, and new carpeting and drapery with colour schemes of greys, white, black and touches of red. The renovation also brought in a new class of hospitality: The Club Level Suites located directly across from The Inn on Fifth. “The Club has been evolving in my mind for years,” McCabe said. “Club level status is an accumulation of my career and I managed to bring together all of my skills into this project.”


The Club Level Suites include bigger rooms and luxurious service such as a separate check-in, a private roof-top hot tub and sunbathing area, free breakfast and afternoon tea, and evening cocktails and appetizers. “Fortunately I was born with vision,” McCabe says “I have creative DNA and I am blessed with that but it was really my team of ‘imagineers’ – architects, engineers, builders and design and hospitality firm FF&E from New York – that helped me with the plans I had for The Club.”

To accompany the new look, the hotel closed McCabe’s restaurant – located on the main level – as it prepares to develop a new upscale venue set to open in mid-December. “McCabe’s restaurant contradicts the new look of the hotel,” McCabe adds “So, we needed to create a new restaurant that will be very contemporary, high energy and full-service.”

McCabe admitts that his inspiration comes from vigorous research, other hotel properties and personal style. He also mentioned that he is constantly looking to reinvent himself and is even looking into opening a residential property by next April.

Jovana Arnaut
Jovana Arnaut

Jovana Arnaut graduated from Ryerson University with a bachelor degree in journalism. She is the editor of Travel Citizen.


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