Explore, discover and experience the very best trips to take in 2019, curated by our editors – and find out how to book a holiday with Trafalgar, a leading premium travel company known for providing insider access and memorable experiences.

We know what gets you excited about travel: authentic and off-the-beaten-path experiences, personal interaction with the locals, the thrill of the unexpected. But we also know that making those things happen isn’t always so easy.
Inspired by the way our editors travel, we’re introducing a new series of guided experiences, BOLD JOURNEYS, in partnership with TRAFALGAR, a leading premium travel company known for providing insider access and memorable experiences.

Trafalgar has created a top-10 list, among the travel company’s more than 300 itineraries around the globe—yes, we said more than 300—of some of the most popular and enriching guided holidays and destinations you can imagine.

Intimate experiences, such as the company’s Be My Guest and Connect with the Locals programs, set the tone for the unique. With Trafalgar, travellers really are the “guests,” in locals’ homes, farms and even castles, where you might go behind the scenes at a historic brewhouse, get up-close-and-personal with award-winning thoroughbred horses or even climb a private staircase in the Vatican. You’ll have the chance to live in history, too: Hotels are chosen for culturally significant architecture and storied locations. Add the hands-on, group building fun lead by engaging local specialists and top-notch travel directors (think of it as having the luxury of an on-trip concierge), and you’ll find the fostering of like-minded spirit among Trafalgar’s guests is the happy side-effect. You’re bound to learn a thing or two about the culture, and make a few lifelong friends along the way.

Read on for a snapshot of the itineraries. For full day-by-day outlines, promotional codes and how to book, call 1.800.352.4444